Creating a legacy from his name, Prince Black continues to set the standard with every single drop. See me personally, I’ve been in tune since the adolescents drop, and out of all my quarantine cops, I can say that this is a buy that I’ll never regret. A lot of people, especially during the pandemic, decided to start making clothes as a quick get money scheme but this brand is not one of them and you can tell from the quality alone, that a lot of time, research, and effort was put in before its release. I love when designers include their upbringing or other aspects of their culture in their work, and Prince never shies away from that.

Each piece and collection embodies the creative process as a whole and that may go over some people’s heads because they’re caught up in the very appealing visuals. But I, myself, was able to catch onto the various references in the pieces that this brand produces, and I’ll use the Gentlemen’s Club Varsity Jackets as an example. Hailing from a city with probably the best nightlife scene in America, it was only right to pay homage to Atlanta by skillfully making a club of his own. In all honesty, I feel like this brand had the potential to blow up from the first drop, but I’m glad that it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves. Like I stated earlier, a lot of people started making clothes a the peak of quarantine, but I feel like he’s proving that Blaxkthebrand is “Not just another ... Brand”.

Check out more about Blaxkthebrand in Issue 001 of Six Eleven Mag.


Photos by: Keleen Fountain (@keloshotem_), Yancey McWeay (@yanc3y)

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